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I know this is off topic, but. Do you ever have a project you know you have to do, but since you really don’t want to do it, you find every possible means to procrastinate?

Well, that is where I am right now with writing The United, Screenplay.  It will be a rough draft, it will not be a good draft, but it was requested by my publisher, and I am running out of projects to get done first.

When that happens, what do you do to overcome procrastination and accomplish an undesirable writing/marketing/publishing task?

I can really use the advice.

Have a great day!

Media Blackout

Media Blackout Thoughts
Last Thursday, as promised, I had a media blackout that extended until Monday afternoon.Now, the length of the blackout was accidental. It was supposed to be just one day. But I had a long day at work on both Wed & Friday, and volunteered to work on Sunday. Saturday i spent the day with my family, running errands most the days.
So, my extended blackout was more out of exhaustion and managing stress. Sometimes that happens to me. Where i do an unplanned blackout due to stress or being overwhelmed by one project or another.
That said, it was a fresh change of pace to not worry about a new post for Thursday last week. And i was able to carve out a little time to spend with my family, which is always good.
However, now i am very, very, very far behind on emails, scheduling interviews & book spotlights, and on my writing projects. So, at least this time, the blackout and rest from writing has caused me more stress than it relieved, which is more often than not the case with me.

Radio Silence

Radio Silence

By radio silence, Ally and I mean it is important to take a day or two a week to avoid social media.  That doesn’t mean you can’t have something scheduled to post on your silence day, it just means that on your silence day, you stay away from social media platforms and play the video games on your phone instead.

Why do I think radio silence is important?

I don’t know.  I’m really good at not being on my social media platforms for long stretches, but am really bad at staying off of Messenger for even one day.  It seems every time I promise myself I will stay offline, someone wants to chat.

I do strive to have my radio silence days on Saturday and Sundays.

The benefits to me of having radio silence is that when I do come back to work I am more energetic, refreshed, and creative.

And in the name of testing radio silence, I am not going to post anything on Thursday, and let you know next week how that went for me.

My Thoughts on Promo Art

Promo Art.

Wow, that is something I really do not know how to do.

I am expert at finding friends who do.  But for me, the only photo manipulation software I  can use is PowerPoint, believe it or not.

I have followed Canva’s tutorial, and still have no idea how to use it.  I can’t make heads or tails of Photoshop.  I was trained as a kid in school how to use Microsoft Paintbrush, but that was long ago, and I was never good at it unless I had the instructions open and followed every step.  As soon as I closed the book, I completely forgot everything.

So my hat’s off to anyone who can create promo art.  I think you are incredibly talented.

Well, that begs the question as to where my promo art comes from.  Easy.  One of two sources.  I either commission it or I barter services.  That works for me.  I like to BETA read, what I usually barter services for.

Thoughts on June Topics


June, according to my schedule, is the month to discuss Promo Art, Radio Silence for Authors, and Author Retreats.

Well, considering I don’t know much of anything about any of the above, looks like I will be doing some research.

Let’s start the month off by chatting about Promo Art.

Promo Art is awesome.  I use teasers and book trailers all the time.  I use them on Pintrest, or I will use them on Pintrest whenever I get around to it.  I use them on Twitter for fun, they are all over my Facebook Page.

As a blogger who interviews authors on my personal blog,, weekly, I see a big difference in interviews with promo art and the ones that are just text.  Guess which ones I find more interesting?

Above are my two favorite promo images I use for The United, The Realm of the Light Book 1, thanks to Alicia Scarborough, a Photoshop Sorceress in her own right.  The Light bless the day I met her.  She understands these things a lot better than I, and is so generous with her time, and such a sweet person, that she willingly barters services with me.  To be honest, I think I do less for her than she does for me, but that’s why it’s important to me to have good friends I can trust.

Promo Art, it can be the difference between a best seller and lost in the crowd.  (no, that is not a quote from someone else, I just thought of it.  Hmm, maybe I can create an image with it on it.  *shaking head.  Nah.  We want someone who knows how to make good promo art do that, so maybe I will commission it to be done at some distant future time.)

Have a great night, and may June be a wonderful month!