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Who we are

Burning Embers is a community of authors who wish to come together and help one another out to achieve the dream of authorship. It takes more than one person to make a book a success. No one fights a battle alone. This is why we’ve come together to make authorship fun again and to lend a helping hand.

Latest Blog Posts

Radio Silence

Radio Silence By radio silence, Ally and I mean it is important to take a day or two a week to avoid social media.  That doesn’t mean you can’t have something scheduled to post on your silence day, it just means that on your silence day, you stay away from social...

Thoughts on June Topics

JUNE INTRO June, according to my schedule, is the month to discuss Promo Art, Radio Silence for Authors, and Author Retreats. Well, considering I don’t know much of anything about any of the above, looks like I will be doing some research. Let’s start the month off by...

Publishing Costs

Publishing Costs: Publishing costs can run anywhere from $0 – as much as you desire to spend. I have not spent a single dime on any of my current publications, self-published or traditional published. Here are a few various categories that may cost money: Editing: As...

My Thoughts On Self-Publishing

Self-Publishing Why Self-Publish A Book? I have multiple self-published short stories.  Most of them are related back to my Realm of the Light Series specifically or my Rai Saga in general.  Two are a children’s Fantasy Series, The Sykar Series, about a...

Apple Books – A Game Changer?

Apple Books – A Game Changer?

Back in the saddle y'all! Let's get to it!! Wow, it's been a while since yours truly has written anything for Burning Embers. To be honest I needed a break and I thank JQM for handling things while I was on hiatus. So, what's brought me back to the typewriter? What's...

Monthly Topic

Each month Burning Embers will focus on a topic for our blog posts. If you have a recommendation for an author topic then feel free to suggest it. We’re always open to new ideas.

July 2020 Topic

Contests, Conventions and Author Retreat

This month will be talking about contests, conventions and author retreats. Of course we’ll cover the pros and cons of each.