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Who we are

Burning Embers is a community of authors who wish to come together and help one another out to achieve the dream of authorship. It takes more than one person to make a book a success. No one fights a battle alone. This is why we’ve come together to make authorship fun again and to lend a helping hand.

Latest Blog Posts

My Opinion on Vanity Presses -A JQM Article

So, before I begin I want to say that this is in no way anything more than the personal opinion of JQM.  I have nothing against Vanity Presses in the book publishing world.  For some people and some projects it is the perfect option.  I am not an expert...

Why I Hybrid Publish

Why I Hybrid Publish Not every title deserves to be published with every publisher, nor should every title be self published. I felt like Cosby Media Productions was the correct home for The United. But my short stories were not a good fit with any publisher.Some...

The Revenge of the Fifth!

HEHEHEHE! I am a bit of a Star Wars Geek, can you tell? To many today is Cinco de Mayo. Yeah, and to all you who celebrate that holiday, may you have a great day. But to me, it is the birthday of my Uncle. Many Happy Returns Uncle! I love you (even though I really...

Editing on a Budget

Budgetting is not easy for authors, especially self-published & authors signed with small publishing companies.The best way to get solid editing on your manuscript, without spending any money to it would be to barter editing services with fellow authors.Meaning...

Beta Reading 101

BETA READING 101 BY JQM This is my FREE introductory course to BETA Reading by JQM. Before I begin, let me honest with you.  I am no expert on editing.  My degree is in Anthropology with an Archaeology Emphasis and dual minors in Russian and Geology.  I...

Monthly Topic

Each month Burning Embers will focus on a topic for our blog posts. If you have a recommendation for an author topic then feel free to suggest it. We’re always open to new ideas.

July 2020 Topic

Contests, Conventions and Author Retreat

This month will be talking about contests, conventions and author retreats. Of course we’ll cover the pros and cons of each.