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Seriously, are retelling of stories still absolutely one hundred percent still hot on the market?

Cinderella Reimagined

If you’re just getting started and want to write in this retellings genre but are just aching to know if it’s worth your time then I gotta tell ya…

Yes, they’re still hot.

But not so burnie burnie hot hot.

If you look at the market then you’ll notice a pattern throughout the year on what genres become inflamed and which ones get ice cold.

Though if you’re brand spanking new then I bet no one told you to look for these patterns.

Well, I am.

Look for Patterns

Look for the patterns and you’ll start to see when it’s a good time to release certain genres and when it is not.

Though if you would simply prefer to skip all that homework and shell out some money then I would recommend K-Lytics (no, not an affiliate link… I happen to like their reports and find them intriguing & helpful)

What I have seen is that story retellings are HOT during April and slow down around June. But that’s my observation. You might have seen a different pattern.

The same for Academy books, which we’ll discuss later, has a pattern. They were HUGE last year and they’re still around this year…

… though someone asked me if they’re on the decline… maybe or maybe not. We’ll talk about that in another post.

What is a retelling?

A retelling is a retell of an existing story but with a twist.

I’m sure you’ve already seen them. There are tons of Little Red Riding Hood story retellings out there and lots of Cinderella.

Fairy tales Are Great For Retellings

Pick up a copy of Andersons or the Brothers Grimm fairy tales and select a story.

Read that story and when you finish it you need to ask, “What if?”


So you can put a spin on the story and come up with your own retelling of it.

Retellings are popular on Wattpad and a great way to get your feet wet to see if you want to try your hand at writing.

Not to mention that you can grow an audience over at Wattpad with your small retellings until you’re ready to do a grand retelling or an entirely new story world of your own.

Your fan base will follow you.

A Challenge for You…

Though whether or not retellings are still hot you should give it a shot on wattpad.

Wattpad is a great place to get feedback and to connect with fans and fellow authors.

Until next time…

Keep on rising above the ashes of obscurity