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Who we are

Burning Embers is a community of authors who wish to come together and help one another out to achieve the dream of authorship. It takes more than one person to make a book a success. No one fights a battle alone. This is why we’ve come together to make authorship fun again and to lend a helping hand.

Latest Blog Posts

Tuesday Thoughts

I know this is a lot off topic for July, however want to try something a little different today. I personally believe the best way to get to know my fellow authors is by reading thier books. So to help me add your books to my read list, will you please comment with...

Welcome to July

July Welcome to a new month, and a new set of monthly topics. Funnily enough, I have even less personal experience with July’s topics than I did with June. The topics are Contests, Conventions, and Award Contents. *shrugging my shoulders and shaking my head I hope my...

Last Day of June

For my household, June was probably the least unusual month of 2020. In a way, I am sad to see it go. In another, I am not. The June topics of the month of Radio Silence, Promo Art, and Author Retreats are not my strengths, so hopefully I will have more to say in...

Is It Still June?

Is It Still June? I don’t really have anything more of value to say about the June topics of Radio Silence and Promo Art.  And I have zero experience with Author Retreats. Sure, at some point in the future I am not opposed by the idea of hosting an author...

My Promo Art

Mornin Friends! I only have 1 piece of promo art that I created myself. The rest I bartered for, or friends made for me out of the goodness of their hearts. So today, I would like to few a couple different pieces of promo art from a few different artists. And I ask...


I know this is off topic, but. Do you ever have a project you know you have to do, but since you really don't want to do it, you find every possible means to procrastinate? Well, that is where I am right now with writing The United, Screenplay.  It will be a...

Monthly Topic

Each month Burning Embers will focus on a topic for our blog posts. If you have a recommendation for an author topic then feel free to suggest it. We’re always open to new ideas.

July 2020 Topic

Contests, Conventions and Author Retreat

This month will be talking about contests, conventions and author retreats. Of course we’ll cover the pros and cons of each.