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Lofty Goals and Experience Set Backs

Have you ever set some lofty goals and experience set backs?

I have. I do it often but I can’t seem to learn from my mistake. Guess it’s the optimist in me that tries too hard to keep trying. Eventually I will learn something or get that goal done 😉

But yeah… lofty goals can be something that is your pie in the sky and would be awesome if you can get it done.

Mine was to write the last 18 chapters of one my books for this past week. Did I do it? Nope.

Why? Was it too lofty? Too ambitious?

Kind of… and kind of not.

For you see I know and have written over ten chapters in 1 day (that’s over 20k words) so I know that I could have done it for last week. However, there were a few factors that kept me from acheiving that goal.

One I didn’t have the setting right. It had been over a year since I last touched the book that I was writing. So I needed to re-acclimate myself to the characters, their manners, what was happening and what was to happen next.

Second, life happens. My partner lost her grandfather about a week ago. We attended his funeral this past Sunday. He was dear to my heart as well even though I didn’t know him as long as my partner had known him. Wonderful and gentle man. May he rest in peace.

So, dealing with grief and not being ready to write was my roadblock to attaining my lofty goal.

Yet, I am ready to try again this week and get back on track. I’ve done my research and have my notes ready to go as I tackle this awesome task to write the remaining 18 chapters of my book.

Setting goals each week helps drive me forward. Sure, I might not attain it but I do learn from it. How about you?

What kind of lofty goals and set backs have you had in the past? Are you experiencing one now?

I would love to know how you handle them.

Lofty goals are nothing like SMART goals. Don’t know what a SMART goal is? Then check out our previous post on SMART goals.