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Marketing Madness - Social Swarm

Marketing madness is the theme for the month of March.

What kind of marketing madness will we be talking about?

Hmmm. Good question.

My answer to you would be free vs paid strategies which would involve social all the way to paid advertisement.

Knowing that your budget for advertising might be rather slim we can discuss ways of fattening up that purse so that you can get a better advantage in the market.

Sure, there are plenty of free ways to advertise your book but that’s only half the battle.

Now a days you need to use paid advertising to ensure your books don’t get sunk into the unknown.

In my opinion… needing to pay to get your book noticed sucks. However, if you want to get unstuck then you need to heavily consider setting up a paid advertising plan.

OMG! But there are so many platforms… which one is right for me??

Yeah, I hear ya…

Let me let you in on a secret.

You’ll want to focus your advertising dollars where your ideal audience hangs out the most.

So, don’t spend those dollars on all the platforms. Instead choose one and stick to it.

For instance…

If you know your audience spends the majority of their time on Facebook then your dollars are well spent there.

I know, I know… what if your audience splits their time between Instagram and Facebook? Then go with Instagramor at least that’s what I would do…

We’ll talk more on setting advertising budget next week as well as a glimpse at BookBub, Goodreads and a few other sites to promote your book.

For now, go ahead and make a list of places and sites that your audience may or may not hang out. It’ll help when we do the planning next week.

Until next time…

Keep on rising above the ashes of obscurity!