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Radio Silence, what is it and how will it save you?

Okay this post could not have come at a better time than now.

No, before you get upset hear me out.

There’s been a lot of stuff going on in the Social Media sphere and emotions are running high.

When exposed to too much toxicity then your mind starts to get overloaded and then you start to physically get sick.

So, you need to stop because, you need to take care of yourself too. Spending too much time on social media or other online social outlet like YouTube for news, etc, etc, can stress you out.

And when you’re stressed out then the people around you feel stressed out.

The How…

This is why setting a day out of the week or a certain time during the day / night to not be online but instead disconnect.

To take this time to reconnect with family, a hobby, sport, or meditation will be good for you to unwind.

I am told by friends, whom I’ve suggested Radio Silence, that it has made them feel better.

Not only do they feel better but their family and friends feel more connected with them.

Spouses, I’ve heard, actually love the idea knowing that their loved one will commit a day of the week or time of day to putting down their electronic devices to spend time with them and the wee ones (if they have them.)

Disconnecting from the internet can be a blissful vacation for your mind.

When you come back you’ll find out that you truly needed that break, feeling refreshed and ready to take on that task that you put on hold.

Take Action

Now, time to take action and schedule your radio silence.

Look at your calendar and determine what day of the week or time of day you can commit to disconnecting from the online world.

Now, go ahead and schedule it as a reoccuring meeting that way you can’t skimp out on it. No, excuses. Your time to unplug is valuable.

Your significant other will thank you and your kids will love you until the ends of time for it.

Until Next Time…

Keep on Rising Above the Ashes of Obscurity