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Radio Silence

By radio silence, Ally and I mean it is important to take a day or two a week to avoid social media.  That doesn’t mean you can’t have something scheduled to post on your silence day, it just means that on your silence day, you stay away from social media platforms and play the video games on your phone instead.

Why do I think radio silence is important?

I don’t know.  I’m really good at not being on my social media platforms for long stretches, but am really bad at staying off of Messenger for even one day.  It seems every time I promise myself I will stay offline, someone wants to chat.

I do strive to have my radio silence days on Saturday and Sundays.

The benefits to me of having radio silence is that when I do come back to work I am more energetic, refreshed, and creative.

And in the name of testing radio silence, I am not going to post anything on Thursday, and let you know next week how that went for me.