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James Quinlan Meservy again.

This afternoon I want to share with you some of my ideas for what you can do on Release Day.

So your big day has finally arrived. And now, your book is live. It is a BIG DAY, and it does not matter it if is your 1st published book, your 2nd published book, or your 50th published book, it deserves to be celebrated!

Many people celebrate their birthday every year, so why shouldn’t your book, which took a considerable amount of your own personal time to create, be celebrated as well.

There are many ways to celebrate on Release Day. It really does not matter how you celebrate, just that you do.

Some release day ideas include:

A Social Media Event, such as Facebook or MeWe with yourself or with other authors.

A Social Media Blitz, posting pics, prerelease reviews from your Street Team, any promotional materials you may have, etc. on Twitter, Facebook, MeWe, Instragram, Tumblr, or anywhere you have a Social Media Presence.

Holding a personal party with cake or ice cream or pizza or BBQ wings or whatever your party foods are for yourself and maybe a few close friends or family members.

Doing a Book Signing on release day, either in a book store or coffee shop, etc.

There are multiple other ideas that you can do, but my point is for you to do something. Just something to celebrate your success.