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Movie and book shelf at a library

Reading books, watching shows and movies we all have that certain list.

Each seems to be never ending and ever expanding. LOL.

Oh and apologies for missing last Monday. I totally got sucked into playing ARK.

<3 that game. Who knew that capturing and taming dinosaurs could be so much fun??

So for this year how many books do you want to read?

Me? I want to read at least twenty titles by the end of this year. I know… not a high number but hey… gotta start somewhere, right?

Definitely waiting for more of the Mortality Bites series. I’ve heard from reliable source that new books will be out this year.

The Heaviest of Burdens - Mortality Bites Book

Not to mention those who’ve read Shattered Vows (by Jenn Mitchell and Ramy Vance), only available in The Heaviest of Burdens, should soon be treated to a spin-off series called Restless Gods featuring Bob the seagull… oh and Mary, the human detective, is there too.

If any of you follow Ramy Vance on FB then you know about the Bob the Seagull’s saga. If not then all you need to know is that the memory of Bob lives on in these hilarious and yet timeless stories…

I’m hoping later this year these stories will hit the shelves… but time will tell

There will be a few more stories coming out by our fellow Burning Embers Founders… I know that James has one, Maria and Rachel are a part of some anthologies and of course I have two.

Though right now I’m focused on writing the thirteen books for my adult series CLICK: Paranormal Hunters Series.

How about TV shows or must see movies list?

The Magicians is coming back again for a new season that I’m absolutely stoked about…

Are you a Magicians fan? If so let me know.

I’ve heard others RAVE about the show on Netflix called YOU

I guess it’s about a stalker or some nefarious person… I probably should look into it since everybody has seen it… have you?

And apparently it’s back with a second season 😲 😲 😲

Then of course The Witcher


As for movies I am looking forward to seeing Marvel’s Morbius …

The movie does looks interesting and it involves bats / vampires and stuff…

Do you have any suggestions on other shows or movies that I should see?

Okay, so as we close on the LAST Monday for January 2020…

Do you have your goals set in order? If not checkout the previous posts on setting goals or how to deal with setbacks

Got your reading list ready to go? Go make one.

How about your movie and shows? At least one thing above should have caught your attention… but if it didn’t then tell me what you want to see this year.


Until next Monday…


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ CAPPUCCINO HIGH ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ GIGGLES 🤪