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An Example of JQM Cross-Promotions

This month we have been talking about promotions and marketing.


As my followers are well aware, I often to Character Take-Overs. In other words I post and share on my social media platforms from the points of view of my friends from the Realm of Rai. Yes, I say friends, not characters. If I call Amanda Adams, Creature of Rai, Member of the Unicorn Clan a “character” she will not stop telling me how wrong I am. In the case of the Rai Saga, I am less of an author and more of a biographer.

Some friends, like Kestrel, Creature of Rai, Member of the Birds of Prey Clan, are extremely helpful. During our interviews, Kestrel provides in giving me an unbiased point of view of what actually occurred in mortality on the Realm of the Light. The Realm of the Light is a realm of mortality that has now entered its End of Days.

Whereas some of my other friends, such as Vultyramous Hunter, Creature of Rai, Member of the Volkrog Clan (what is a volkrog, you ask? Check out my blog, for more information) is very stubborn and very difficult to get a straight answer from.

But I digress, but not really. My friend, Naservin Mastrov, or as he is better known, Master Serv, Creature of Rai, Member of the Volkrog Clan, takes a great deal of pleasure in doing recording himself on YouTube reading excerpts from my books, and books of friends.


The following is the post the I will be sharing on my personal blog. I share the text here as an example of how I, and my friends in Rai, cross-promote. Now I am not saying everyone should do this exactly. I’m not even saying I am good at promotions. What I am saying is I have a lot of fun doing cross-promotions. I highly recommend that we all look at how we promote. See what we can do to help out fellow authors.


As a bit of fun cross-promotion for the Burning Embers Spring 2020 HOP, I have invited Naservin Mastrov “Master Serv” to do a handful of excerpts.  Check them out!

Retelling of Sykar the Prologue:

Hunter by Joanna White:

Dragon Blood by Katie Cherry:

Bane of Ashkirath by Ariel Paiement:

Daughter of Magic by Karen Eisenbrey:

And this final one has nothing to do with the Hop. However, it is my favorite Master Serv reading to date. The Pirate Empress by KR Martin:

If you are interested in joining the hop, and being entered into a random drawing for a $20 Amazon Gift and amazing Ebook Bundle, the hop starts here on JQM’s Author Page:

Importance of a Community of Authors


I am late posting this evening because i am neck deep in edits, prepping Shades of Mortality, The Realm of the Light Book 4. My March 31st publisher deadline is looming over me like a . . . Well, like a deadline.

Anyway, i am no good at creating promotional images to use in marketing, but i do have a superpower. I surround myself with people more talented than I, and i am able to barter services with those who are talented in areas i lack.

Here a few promo pics my goid friend, and Photoshop Sorceress, Alicia Scarborough created for me.

And my personal favorite
Group Promos: A Newsletter Alternative?

Group Promos: A Newsletter Alternative?

Today, we are going to talk about group promos and their important use. You know what a swap is and group promo isn’t much different.

What is a group promo?

It’s basically a swap with many authors in it. Usually, they have a common theme such as “Halloween books” or “Sweet romance” or “KU books.”

  • In group promos, all authors must share the group promo at least once in their newsletter.
  • Dates. The promos don’t ran forever so you can only share on the according date.
  • Sometimes, there’s a specific list number requirement. 
  • Ex.: Accepted lists from 1k+
  • Some group promos are specifically designed for KU, 99 cents or even free books.

Types of group promos

Sales: This kind of group promo is for books at a reduced price

Giveaway: This group promo is to attract readers to your other books so it’s best if you submit a part of your first book of your series or a reader magnet. That way, you get readers and subscribers.

Kindle Unlimited: Only books that are in KU will be accepted.

What do I do?

On the days of the promotion, you put the banner and the link and you send it like a normal book 🙂 

Where do I find them?

There are lots of ways to find group promos. One of them is to scour cross-promoting groups on Facebook. Another way is through Story Origin and websites such as that.

So are group promos a newsletter replacement?

It’s up to you. You decide whether you want to use social swaps in lieu of newsletters or as an additional tool to reach more people.