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Today, we are going to talk about group promos and their important use. You know what a swap is and group promo isn’t much different.

What is a group promo?

It’s basically a swap with many authors in it. Usually, they have a common theme such as “Halloween books” or “Sweet romance” or “KU books.”

  • In group promos, all authors must share the group promo at least once in their newsletter.
  • Dates. The promos don’t ran forever so you can only share on the according date.
  • Sometimes, there’s a specific list number requirement. 
  • Ex.: Accepted lists from 1k+
  • Some group promos are specifically designed for KU, 99 cents or even free books.

Types of group promos

Sales: This kind of group promo is for books at a reduced price

Giveaway: This group promo is to attract readers to your other books so it’s best if you submit a part of your first book of your series or a reader magnet. That way, you get readers and subscribers.

Kindle Unlimited: Only books that are in KU will be accepted.

What do I do?

On the days of the promotion, you put the banner and the link and you send it like a normal book 🙂 

Where do I find them?

There are lots of ways to find group promos. One of them is to scour cross-promoting groups on Facebook. Another way is through Story Origin and websites such as that.

So are group promos a newsletter replacement?

It’s up to you. You decide whether you want to use social swaps in lieu of newsletters or as an additional tool to reach more people.